Lady in prison

We all know the stigma and discrimination that incarcerated women go through after they serve their sentence. It is hard for society to trust them once again. As such, it is difficult for them to develop healthy relationships and get a decent job to sustain their families. We believe that our incarcerated sisters have already gone through a lot. They do deserve to get another chance at life. We ought to give them an opportunity to prove themselves and to improve their lives. That is what restorative justice means.

Incarcerated women face a very challenging situation upon release from prison. There is a heavier stigma upon them first, because they have violated the law and second because they are women. That is why Our Place DC is dedicated to uplift the lives of our sisters who have been imprisoned because they need all the support that they can get. We want to help them transition and resettle in their communities. We want to reunite them with their families. We want to help them have decent homes and sustainable jobs. We want to help them achieve good health. We want to arm them with whatever they need to be able to start a new life. We want to give our sisters a clean slate.

Inside a prison

We believe in second chances. Yes, these women have done something wrong that is why they are serving their time in prison for the offense that they committed. But while in jail, we have to make productive use of their time. The time they serve in prison should be spent for their rehabilitation as we help them become productive citizens of our nation.

Our Place DC works towards restorative justice for our incarcerated sisters. Yes, they have fallen but it is time to help them get back up on their feet and start anew. And we believe that to be able to have a fresh start, they have to be reconciled with their victims. It is not just to receive forgiveness from the offended party but for the offenders to forgive themselves. This is a very crucial step. There must be a recognition of the wrongdoing and admission to one’s self and to others about the offense that was committed. From there, Our Place DC provides counseling and education as we see fit for the person involved. We get to know them and their families so that we can facilitate intervention programs that they need to be able to live better lives.

Our Place DC advocates restorative justice for women. We also stand our ground for the promotion of women’s rights. We lobby for legislation that would support vulnerable families and help improve their condition. We are relentless in our efforts to push for a positive change in the lives of people especially our incarcerated women and their families. We encourage you to go out of your garage doors in Texas and join us in our advocacy. Let us give our incarcerated sisters another chance at life.

Our Place DC: Working Towards Restorative Justice for Our Incarcerated Sisters