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There are many different types of protein bars out there. Most bars contain protein and/or fat, but there are many other ingredients such as flavorings, sweeteners and preservatives. There are also different protein sources and protein bars that are made using different methods. Many people prefer their bars without any preservatives and/or sugar because they can customize the flavor, taste, and even color of their protein bars. Some protein bars are high in fiber and are made to have a lower fat percentage. Most people would be fine with a moderate amount of fat, but if you are trying to lower your fat, it would be better to choose a low-fat (low-fat milk, fat free yogurt, and low fat cheeses) or no fat (non-fat milk, non-fat yogurt, and non-fat cheeses) option. Some are gluten free or dairy free, so there is a wide range of protein options. Many people are allergic to eggs, so there are several egg protein options available to the consumer. Many bars and mixes contain milk protein powder, so you have the option to use a high protein powder such as soy protein, hemp protein, hemp protein powder, whey, egg protein, whey protein isolate, almond milk, and flax seeds. Many protein bars and mixes include eggs and have a protein content that is high enough for an egg allergic person to eat.

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