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There are many products to increase the number of neurons in the brain, but what you're really buying is a more organized system of cells. In the beginning, brain cells aren't very organized, so if you put in too much energy in the brain cells, you can actually destroy the brain cells. The problem with this idea is that it doesn't make sense. When you're trying to get a kid to play basketball or a person to write a novel, there's an immediate need to organize the cells. So , the idea that we should get rid of the cells and put the cells in a box makes no sense. The fact is that the cells aren't doing anything wrong.

Here is one of the major reasons why people think that more brain cells are needed: The brain is an organ that needs an enormous amount of energy. It needs energy to be able to produce new cells, and it needs energy to make them. If we simply give people more brain power, they won't need as much energy in the future. In other words, the brain is a super-energy-intensive organ. In addition, our brain is very sensitive to toxins. We know that our brain cells are especially vulnerable to toxins, because the damage that can be done to them can be so serious. For example, our brains are extremely sensitive to low levels of brain toxins.

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The situation is unmistakable: BrainPill actually works. At least, this hypothesis comes up if you ...