New dimension in my life as an athlete: personal coach!

My life consists of performing exercises. Throughout the day I am busy perfecting my posture, stability and strength. That’s fun and that’s what makes my sport challenging: not the swimmer with the most power wins, but the swimmer who has the most control over his body (and mind).

I have done almost every conceivable exercise in the meantime and with the enthusiastic trainer I have a lot of unthinkable exercises. Sometimes they unpacked well, sometimes they didn’t. That doesn’t matter, you learn from both.

It was very nice to hear from my friend Naima that she wanted to become a bit fitter. At first I was a bit surprised: by nature she is quite athletic and she doesn’t have to do much to stay in shape. Whether that was really necessary, I wondered.

Later on I thought it might be fun. I have been doing some exercises for years, while she had never heard of them, for example. Running, pure abdominal muscle exercises and Zumba she had done many times, but when I started using terms like strength training, trunk tension and deep squats she looked at me in shock: “I don’t want to be a bodybuilder!”

That she didn’t have to be afraid of that, I made it clear to her pretty quickly and then a new relationship started within our existing relationship: that of instructor and pupil.

I regularly give swimming clinics across the country and have to explain the usefulness of some basic swimming exercises. I have the same thing with Naima now and it’s quite refreshing. Because if you’re doing exercises day in and day out, it’s good to think about what you’re actually doing them for.

Naima is now on a schedule of cardio and strength training twice a week. I still have to get her to the deep squats, but that will come in due course.

Still getting used to it: food from nature

Once upon a time we did not do anything else and we did not know any better: eat what nature has to offer us. By now we have gotten used to supermarkets and get everything we need from them. Many consumers no longer even know what the seasonal vegetables are now that we can get more and more vegetables all year round.

Yet there are also counter-movements. More and more people are using a piece of garden or balcony to grow vegetables, also in the city. But did you know that you can also pick or pick up food without your own garden?

Speedcourse Natural Food in the Netherlands by Michiel Bussink

With the eBook ‘Discover fast: eating from nature’ Michiel Bussink teaches you the principles of food from nature. Which flowers you can eat, which nuts you can pick up and which mushrooms can be trusted. Bussink briefly explains it and gives a nice overview of natural foods that you can find in the Netherlands.

Did you know that you can eat dandelion leaf?

I discovered that this is actually much more than I could think of myself. Yes, everyone knows blackberries. But did you know, for example, that you can eat the leaves of the dandelion? Or the daisy flowers? They seem to do fine in a salad. Bussink not only indicates which plants, berries, nuts and mushrooms you can eat, but he also gives recipes for them. These are usually easy to make, although for the other ingredients you still have to go to the supermarket.

Book review “Discover fast: food from nature”

The book is nicely written and gives a nice introduction to ‘eating out of nature’ which will make you look at everything around you in a different way in the coming walks. I haven’t been to nature yet after reading it, so I haven’t been able to put what I’ve learned into practice, to be honest, I still find that a bit exciting.

Luckily there are also pictures in the eBook so you can check if you have picked the right leaves. To be able to do that really well, I advise you to read this eBook on a tablet or phone and not on your black and white ereader.

Discover quickly’ is an eBook series from Van Duuren Media. The books that appear in this series only appear digitally and can be read in a short period of time. The reading time is indicated on the cover; 60 minutes are reserved for this eBook.

More information

Title: Discover fast: Food from nature
Author: Michiel Bussink
ISBN: 978-94-6232-099-4
Publishing house: Link Publishing house
Price: €4,99